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ORIENTEK OTDR Launch Cable Newly Updated

OTDR is an essential tool in optical fiber testing, but there is a "dead zone" when used. If no appropriate measures are taken, it will directly affect the accuracy of test results.
How to reduce the "blind spot" and improve the accuracy of test results? That's right, using an OTDR launch cable, which is also a common method for correspondents.
At present, many communication people use the "yellow box" traditional launch cable, which is too large and bulky, inconvenient to carry out the test, easy to fall and break the test; And this launch fiber is easy to bend, the failure rate is too high, increase the project cost in vain, distressing......
ORIENTEK's TFLC-2 coiled fiber extension cable, which took several months to develop in response to user demand, became the new darling of the market once it was launched.
However, through a large number of user surveys and experimental tests, it has been found that there is still some optimization of the TFLC-2. Therefore, the research and development team of ORIENTEK will upgrade it to better meet the needs of current users.

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ORIENTEK's new TFLC-2 fiber launch cable upgrades the original PVC material to a metal sheath, this purpose is to change the fiber protection layer into a metal hose, so that it is not easy to wear during use, durable.
The extension of the new TFLC-2 exposed part of the upgrade to stainless steel metal material, not only effectively reduce the long-term use of external factors caused by the damage, but also effectively prevent the damage caused by insect biting.
For this reason, the new TFLC-2 optical fiber extension wire has obtained dual patent certification, appearance patent No. 202230417054.3 and utility model patent No. 202221736376.5.
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The new TFLC-2 supports personalized customization, and users can customize the connectors freely, such as FC, SC, ST, LC, etc., supports SM and MM customization requirements. Not only that, but also the length can be customized freely, supporting 100-2000m length customization.
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The new TFLC-2 will also do a further optimization of the "storage bin" switch, the top of the coupler special storage bin can store our common SC-SC, FC-FC two kinds of coupler.
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TFLC-2 adopts the innovative disk structure design, small size, easy to carry; There is no welding joint in the middle of the fiber, which effectively guarantees the accuracy of the test results. Portable hook, easy to use, can adapt to various scenarios, greatly improve the work efficiency.
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Test, inspect, and locate
OTDR launch cable are used to measure insertion loss and reflectivity of near-end and far-end connections of fiber optic lines using OTDR. Each OTDR launch cable can be used as an OTDR transmitting fiber and an OTDR receiving fiber, both of which are necessary to eliminate blind spots when using OTDR to measure the complete line loss of the fiber.
How does launch cable generate baseline tracking
①Use the OTDR launch cable as a transmitting fiber cable: Connect the OTDR launch cable between the OTDR and the fiber link under test. This will enable you to measure

the loss of the near end connection.
②Use the OTDR launch cable as a receiving fiber cable: Connect the OTDR launch cable between the OTDR and the fiber link under test. This will enable you to measure the loss of the remote connection.
Easy to use OTDR must be paired with a quality fiber launch cable , ORIENTEK new TFLC-2 you deserve.